Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 156: Everything and nothing

Day 156 (11 May) Saturday. I've had a bit of catching up to do sleepwise. It's a play and concert double today, normally a day I look forward to. Over breakfast, I ponder how to send a text to my friend's there a chance of a visit? 

The sunrise, at 6.12am
At 6.12am, it is one of a Saturday series of views out my window. As winter approaches, it is getting a little harder to get up and at it, if I don't need too. Still, the #project365 photographer in me is intrigued by what the 'Saturday sub-series' might end up looking like over time. Well, that's my excuse.

I go out to get the papers, some milk and yes, croissants ... why not. The text I've been anticipating pings the phone at 8.24am. Chas passed away the night before, just as I got home, just as I was hoping to catch up with him. Another bummer of a day ahead. 

These are tough times we all experience at some time. So many thoughts run through my head. A friend calls but what can be said? As has been my habit of late, I turn to writing to put some thoughts down. You can visit psephy's~ologies across the way to see that. It is a freakish moment on the radio when ABC Classic FM plays Ron Hanmer's Pastorale or theme to Blue Hills. It is QSO, St Lucia Orchestra, Chas and me all tied up in one. Some things simply defy explanation and rationale. 

Stepping out, to RED at QTC
I'm due to step out to the play Red, about Mark Rothko and a QSO concert tonight...I will. Art has a way of helping us to contemplate those things for which we have no explanation. I sense I will be better of there than staying at home alone with my thoughts, and regrets. And yes, it is a contemplative day. I'm stepping out with a good friend who understands these things even more deeply than I do, it is a comfort. The play is just what I need, it is the drama of art and the art of drama. It works. 

In between times, I have a chance to speak with Emma, Chas's daughter. It is a comfort.

Heading to QPAC, stopped at lights,
at 6.12pm
In the evening, I turn out to the QSO concert. Chas had so much influence on my appreciation of music. It is hard to meet friends in the orchestra and audience and share the news. Some know, some don't. It's hard but right to share in the concert hall. I really only heard the piccolo this evening, that was Chas's instrument...that was his place, for so many years. Cancer sucks. 

At some point today, the whole Clive Palmer UAP thing has turned stupid...despite the day, I can't help but keep up with the politics. Peter Slipper is apparently joining the party to secure the 'federal member' necessary for registration. Good grief. By the time I get home, his membership has been rejected.  Oh, I hope I don't have to explain this next week. 

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