Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 158: Count me in, it's back to the orchestra

Day 158 (13 May) Back to Monday, back to work. It is week 11 in the teaching semester so just three weeks left. 

Reading, at 6.12am
Monday is my South Brisbane day so I don't have to be up as early as other days. Still, I wake up at the usual time and so have a little 'luxury' time, reading. I'm getting through A Clockwork Orange and although I know of its reputation, I wonder if I should be seeing the play in a couple of weeks. I think the fact it is a 'classic' is drawing me I like theatre. 
South Bank, pm

This week's topic is the public service and interest groups. I plan to introduce the students to the Northcote-Treyvelan report on the civil service, 1854. It is readily available on the internet and I think it is important to show students the value of primary sources, the lyricism of the language of days gone by and the fact that a lot of very little in history is 'new'...I also remain fascinated with the way the internet can be used  as a teaching tool, the fact that I can easily pull up a facsimile copy of an 1854 document...too easy. 

We enjoy a good discussion afterwards and get a bit of an early mark because there is no tute presentation after the lecture. That gives me a chance to head over to South Bank to do a couple of chores and I guess just reinforces how different it is working in the city compared with commuting 200km each day to work. I realise that I only have this luxury for another two weeks, I have enjoyed it. 

Working but
thinking rehearsal, at 6.12pm
Home at a reasonable hour I set about doing some more work and making a late lunch/early dinner mash-up. I also realise that it is rehearsal night. I have a decision to make. It has been difficult to get back into the swing of things this year with the orchestra. I was a little damaged by some committee politics last year and haven't had my usual enthusiasm for it so far this year, in fact, I don't think I've been at all. 

Chas had told me to put it aside and get back to is something I enjoy after all, it is very special to be part of an orchestra. With Chas's passing last week, for St Lucia Orchestra was one of his orchestras too, I realise that if I don't go back tonight, I may never go back and my mate Bromley would be saddened. I debate it internally for an hour; Bromley wins and I take a deep breath and go to was OK. When I get home, I raise a glass of red in his memory, and thank him quietly. Chas, still here. 

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