Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 160: The tweet that kept on giving

Day 160 (15 May) Wednesday. Early start again for the threepeat 10.00am lecture. What a story to tell them...I think, early on in the morning, until...
All that reading ahead,
at 6.12am

As usual, I was finishing off breakfast, contemplating the day ahead and at 6.12am, noticed the pile of periodicals and journals that I was thinking at some point I must read. 

It was only this week I had been speaking with a colleague comparing our work now with my entry into the academic profession; when I first started, I used to 'timetable' in a few hours in the library each Friday with the express purpose of going through the latest journals and new books. It was the pre-digital era and it was an important time to catch up with latest developments in my field as well as time to think and write about my work. We don't have that time anymore. In the name of 'efficiency' we've had that squeezed out of our work time, considered a waste of time and a luxury. I don't think students are getting the best they can as a result. 

At 6.30 am however, following a 'heads-up' tweet from 612ABC newsreader (and fellow #612tweepster) Shelley Lloyd, there was a snatch of last night's conversation with Rebecca on the news...'oh. my' as we are wont to say on twitter. Oh my. Oh well, a bit of a chuckle between us and I thought that was that. Once I got to work however, turns out that ABC Sunshine Coast replayed the chat from the night before, at about 5.20am...the tweet I sent to Shelley and Rebecca to let them know, was of course retweeted by ABC Sunshine Coast...the power of the random tweet indeed. I wonder what Tuesday night's class will think...

Wednesday involves five hours in the classroom over a span of 10am to 7pm and time thereafter for consulting with students. The loss of a good friend is catching up with me and it is not the best week to be teaching. The lecture has some interesting elements in it, but it is not the lecture I'd like it to be. Good thing there are just a few weeks left. 

Class, at 6.12pm
At 6.12pm, there is a bit of a break and I duck back to my office to retrieve some resources that, had I been more on the ball, I would have had in class. It is a manga for Japanese working holiday makers planning to go to Australia; it is a guidebook 'with a difference', dating from the time that manga were used for just about's a bit of an artefact these days though; still it makes for an interesting talking point for the next hour. 

I need to follow up some of the Budget commentary and analysis, especially for the tertiary sector, before heading home. It's another late finish. 

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