Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 154: It's going to be a tough day.

Studio 400 24 hours later,
 at 6.12am
Day 154 (9 May) Thursday. Well, how do you top a beer tasting at 6.00am. You can't really. We revert to normalcy, sort of. The day ahead involves another late night, a total of six hours of teaching. There is also a union meeting at midday to plan the next round of bargaining. I need to get going. 

At 6.12am, I'm uploading photos from yesterday's studio event to the computer. I debate whether or not to delay the start to the day and write a bit, or just get going to plan for the day ahead. I opt for the latter. It seems a bit odd to be looking at the previous day's 6.12 photo, at 612ABC, at 6.12. 

The first years learn verbs,
at 6.12pm
At 7.15am though a text comes through about Chas. It's going to be a tough day. 

I get away to work, but carry the phone throughout the day. I don't like anticipating 'the call' which may come tomorrow. Throughout the day, quietly, I realise I may not see my good mate again. I'm a bit edgy with every ring or tone of the phone. 

The meeting went well, the plans in place. I then had an hour to gather thoughts before a solid six hours of teaching through until 9pm. Hang in there Bromley...I also have to arrange my appointment for my next treatment, I guess Bromley and I won't be comparing notes for much longer. 

The classes go OK. I return to the office. I still have the high school lecture to prepare and a day's worth of emails to deal with. Thursday night is the night the cleaners come through. We're on a first name basis these days...that's nice, but on the other hand...I'm on a first-name basis with people who work very late, here on campus and at the Caboolture pitstop. Tonight I get there so late, my usual 'barista' is leaving as I arrive. It's midnight. It's been a tough day. 

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