Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 170: Trekkie induction...

Day 170 (25 May) Saturday. I've 'slept in' sort of. No clarinet rehearsals, no plays, just a quiet Saturday until...

The view, at 6.12am
So it is that at 6.12am I'm doing a bit of a Sunday morning thing and watching the sun come through the trees and the window. At least there is light. I recall the mornings at this time in Tokyo in December and January, nothing to see. Probably not a bad spot on the earth's surface to be after all. 

The long days-short nights teaching schedule this semester has also meant that I haven't been quite as circumspect in dealing with paperwork during the semester so today I decide to sort through some of the papers that seem to have accumulated without my noticing. There is a certain catharsis to be found in the paper shredder...

Dinner, at 6.12pm
All this is leading up to a movie first: Star Trek...yes, I know, so far out of my galaxy, I can hardly believe it. Still, it's for a friend and, you know, we do things for friends... I've convinced myself it might be OK've heard a review on the radio saying that   the movie is underpinned by the international relations theory of 'Just War'. 

The rabbits..
Look, it was OK; it is good to have seen it, it let's me contribute to the zeitgeist...

Afterwards we imagine a Faculty 'end-of-year-revue' and allocate roles from the movie to staff at the university. We decide I am probably part-Vulcan, I can be like that. We also decide the earth shall be overrun by the rabbits we saw at a nearby shop, while we ate burgers and chips after the movie. That's what we were imagining at 6.12pm. 

*This post was completed by a Trek-invader; the usual blogger will be back next post. 

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