Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 162: Some mornings it's good to get the detail...

Day 162 (17 May) Friday. It is back up the Coast today to listen to a seminar about the website, The Conversation, about which I wrote last week. The Brisbane-based editor lives not far from me so I have arranged to give her a lift, it is a good chance to catch up and we have some common interest in 612ABC too. Good trip. 

The light, at 6.12am
Bonsai on bonsai
Early start therefore, and keeping in mind the photographic origins of this project, I'm again intrigued by the light at 6.12am. There's also a small spider on the bonsai...some mornings it is good to get the detail. 

We head off to the Coast for the day. I have plenty of other material to catch up with besides the seminar so although it would be a good day to be home to do some research, it is also helpful to be at work, where other things can be done as well. 

Pizza decisions, at 6.12pm
It's an earlier than usual return to Brisbane, the southbound side of the Bruce Highway looks distinctly different in the afternoon. It is a particularly clear afternoon sky and the Glasshouse Mountains look beautiful in the afternoon sun. One day I will find time to photograph them properly. I get home in time to have the beer and pizza night friends and I haven't had for a few weeks. New menu. 

It's a week since Chas left, I'm aware of that. It's been a long week and another one coming up. I've made plans to spend Saturday afternoon visiting mum. That is something to look forward to, I must say. 

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