Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 163: To market, to mareketta...

Day 163 (18 May) Saturday. And a bit of a sleep in. I really shouldn't calculate hours slept during the week but when I think about it, I average about 3-4 hours across four nights of the week. And then probably only six hours most other nights. Oh well. The end of the teaching semester should bring on a few earlier nights. 

Straws, at 6.12am
Today is a rehearsal day with the clarinet choir. I missed the last one because it was the one before a play out, and besides, I had my school anniversary to attend. I enjoy the clari is surprising how, over 12 or 13 years, we've managed to craft a sound, even when we play a new piece. It is a great group. Of course, Chas was involved from time to time, as a soloist...he was always happy to join in. 

So it is an early-ish start to get to rehearsal on time. At 6.12am I'm in the kitchen preparing breakfast, but also charging the various i-devices. The power point is near the milkshake mixer and straws...photographer-eye takes over and the colours and structure win out. 

Mother's Day
Marketta, at 6.12pm
After rehearsal, on the way through to visit mum, I stop to get some flowers. Later in the day, the sun strikes one of the plants in an intriguing way. So it is a bit of a belated Mother's Day, but deliberately so so we can head to the Miami Marketta again. It's a great concept with food stalls and music and some work of a local artists collective. It just doesn't feel like the GC. After real French crepes, vegetarian nachos, bratwurst and tiramisu to die for we head home. Oh, and 'lashings' (well, one bottle) of ginger beer, real ginger, real beer...very doable. It's always lovely to have a day with mum. 

Home to work, read and think for the week ahead. The politics continues too, what's in store for the week? 

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