Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 14: Day one in Tokyo

Day 14: (19 Dec) The 6.12am shot was always going to be tricky. The plane was due to land at 6.10am Tokyo time, and one can't actually take a photo on the plane at that time. So, being a little creative, I opted for 6.12am Brisbane time right after breakfast was completed. The crew had just let us know we were heading into two degrees celsius on landing...I generally try to avoid the summer/winter split, but not this time...

Have just had breakfast so back to the
in-flight reading. 
So after landing, it's a bit of a bus trip into the city and meeting my friends at Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, the main junction station near their place. There's another train ride out to their place but we opted for a taxi which was fortuitous because we scored a rather chatty taxi driver. He was waxing rather lyrically about the state of ideal type of taxi driver. I report on his comments (and other political developments) on my other blog, psephy's ~ologies.

My room for the next three weeks
I'm quite fortunate that I get to stay with these friends of mine in a rather large house. I've known them now for nearly thirty years so it is always like heading to my 'second home'. I was given a different room this time since their nephew is in 'my' room upstairs. It's all rather a bit posh and 'Japanese', but that's where I found myself at 6.12pm (local time), unpacking and getting ready to head down the road for dinner. naturally, I'd spent much of the day watching the various TV programs and commentary on the election. 

The weather was cold. 

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