Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 37: Now, back to writing

Day 37 (11 Jan) I'm usually much more efficient with the packing/unpacking gig after trips, but I've been a bit slack this time. Thus, at 6.12am I was looking at the remaining materials I had to unpack and sort. This is my grab-bag of materials and resources, some of which will be used for my research, some for my teaching. The trouble with bringing home such resources is that one must find the room to put them and both my work office and study at home  are getting full to bursting. 

Jackman and friends, at 6.12am
And if you think that's Hugh Jackman on the cover of a Japanese magazine, yep, you're right. Of course, his latest movie, Les Miserables, was being released the first week I was in Japan and his face was everywhere. (A bit odd to arrive in Japan only to be confronted by an Aussie actor on the cover of my preferred magazine.) It's quite well-known that foreign celebrities can make quite a bit of money in Japan. One I was surprised to see was Lleyton Hewitt playing tennis with a couple of Japanese comedians and Japanese professional players. Ian Thorpe maintains some celebrity too.

I've spent a bit of today sorting the materials and thinking about the writing schedule. It's back to the office on Monday but a February seminar presentation looms, not to mention a conference presentation in April. Both papers centre on the Japanese fellows in Queensland in the 1890s and that means examining some materials published in the 1890s, in 19th century Japanese. Oh, the life of an academic. I'm also keen to resume my blog writing (...oh, wait, that's what I'm doing...) and particularly capturing some aspects of the contemporary Japanese political scene. That is on its way. 
Feeling the responsibility, 6.12pm

Speaking of returning to routine, Friday nights has been beer and pizza night with friends for a while now, though with travelling and other interruptions, we've not done that for a few weeks. It's my turn to choose, order and pick-up. Apart from deciding where to put my new books, it's the toughest decision I've had all day... Cheers. 

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