Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 31: The library reopens...

Day 31 (5 Jan) It's Saturday but it is the first day the library has been opened since Christmas. I've been keen to get back there to find some materials I've been looking for. And besides, it's a place I just like going to work in. Given that the predicted maximum today was five degrees celsius, then I could think of few better places to be, frankly. 

Yesterday's paper today,
at 6.12am
I was up at 6.12am, reading yesterday's paper this morning since I didn't quite get time to do so yesterday...wait...I think there's an earlier 6.12am shot where I'm doing the same thing. Some things never change. 

I have my work patterns at the library, searching the catalogue, requesting the materials, reading them, requesting the relevant photocopying (none of which you can do directly). Started the first round, got to 'have coffee in the coffee shop' only to discover that the coffee shop on the lower floor of the annexe (where I 'always' get my coffee) was closed! Eek, disruption to habits. Angst. 

Never mind, made me redouble my efforts to get my necessary resources. Made my way up to the renovated cafeteria a bit later; bit too late actually. It was closed. Lucky I've eaten a month's worth of food in the last three days...it will keep...me...going...

Looking up the library catalogue?
Not likely...at 6.12pm
I generally have one or two particular research projects on the go which become the focus of my resource gathering efforts at the library. But I also have my regular 'update' list as well that I like to check up on. The expedition hasn't been quite as revelatory as I might have hoped so far, but there's one more day...
My library...the sculpture between the annexe
and the main building,
one of my favourite Tokyo places. 

The library became very crowded towards the end of the day, so much so, people were requested to use the computers as quickly as possible and move on...bit like the trains really, which is where I found myself at 6.12pm, on the train on the way home to Tobu Nerima station. And no, they're not sleeping...they're reading their smart phone screens, just like their peers in Australia. (Although, I do like the fact that you are asked to keep your phone on silent and not speak on your phone on public transport...not a bad idea at all.)

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