Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 41: Brucing

Day 41 (15 Jan) There are times when routine is a good thing and, let's face it, it is a subtext of this blogging experiment. Now, 6.12am on this day, I returned to routine with every good intention. Actually, there's a very strong Japanese influence in my thinking in that one must contemplate exercise long and hard, with due reverence to the way in which one tackles these moments of physical exertion. 

Time to sweep the leaves,
at 6.12am
Actually no, I just made that up. I really was trying to convince myself of the good of my intentions, instead I realised that the deck needs a sweep too. 

Nonetheless, another day at work was on the cards. A few times a week I share the drive with a colleague as I was to do on this day. There were also meetings to be had, decisions to be made, classes to be prepared. My aunt and uncle were due to return to the US, so part of the day was farewelling them at their SunCoast place. That was something to break the routine. Good catch up, farewell and look forward to their next visit. 

Brucing, but not as we know it, at 6.12pm
Tonight also was a change to routine. My colleague has invited me back to her place for dinner with her daughter who has taken an interest in Japan of late. So, the 6.12pm photo is in fact a rarity, one you are unlikely to see again... We actually left the campus in daylight so the 6.12pm shot is a rare *southbound* Bruce Highway view ... usually trekked in the dark at a much later time. 

Lovely evening. 

NB: The photo was taken by my colleague...I was focussed on the driving. 

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