Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 29: Ekiden part 2...the race continues

Day 29 (3 Jan) Coming to the realisation now that I have just a few days before I return home but still with that sense of foreboding of so much to do, during this public holiday time in Japan. In that sense, there are two races on, day two of the ekiden (which will be much of the focus of our day); and the time I have remaining to do my work. 

The morning light, at 6.12am
At 6.12am, there was noticeable light in the morning sky now which wasn't the case two weeks ago. The next photo, on the right, was taken just an hour later.
Same view, at 7.12am

Newspapers delivered again today, though we are presently getting the Yomiuri, the largest, perhaps most conservative and pro-LDP, the returned government party. Still, I read it because it's a habit I can't break. We're subscribing to it because it meant Jinko could get one of the very cool, yet functional, 'dugout' coats emblazoned with Hakone Ekiden, just like the athletes...I prefer to read the Asahi, for its views, not its relationship, presumed or otherwise, with the beer company of the same name.

Anyway, there was a nice analogy for politics tragics in today's paper which tied in with the ekiden. The athletes, as they finish their leg, have to hand over a sash ( タスキ, in Japanese) they've been wearing to the next runner. One commentator noted that sometimes in a change of government, not everything needs to be thrown out and wheels reinvented. Indeed, sometimes, it is useful to hand over the sash so the incoming government may continue some of the work of the previous government...there maybe something in that for all of us. 

Off to the post box, at 6.12pm
Meanwhile, as the rest of the household was watching the ekiden, Jinko had finally completed all her new year's cards and was due to post them as we headed out to get some dinner, at 6.12pm. The new year's cards, or 'nengajo', are similarly a long-standing tradition where you send everyone in your contact book a postcard...most people I know send between 100 and 200 cards each year. The Hashimotos received about that many in return in the mail over the next few days. Amazing.

Oh, Daito finished 12th overall today, meaning they lost the opportunity for automatic seeding...oh well, next year. And yes, Meiji beat Daito which we will know about all year. At least they didn't win.

There's always next year. 

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