Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 43: The duties of the keeper of freddos.

Day 43 (17 Jan) Required for another meeting on campus at 10 am. That's another earlyish start though a tad derailed today when the coffee I collected along the way had to be had there and then, the takeaway lid failed to make the distance to the car. In the interests of safety, I sat and drank it instead. I am also the 'keeper of the freddo jar' at work, now that I'm back, I needed to replenish it.  

Breakfast, lunch, but not dinner, at 6.12am
I also need that bit of extra time in the morning to prepare lunch. Again, thinking about the cost of things, I tend to find it better to make lunch and take it, rather than spend $10 a day or more on food on campus...I've another trip to Japan to pay for after all. And so, at 6.12am, it was a matter of making lunch, while having breakfast. I'm yet to have salad for breakfast and find muesli for lunch in my lunch box, but it could happen, looking at this...

Thus, still working in a lower gear, I had about 52 minutes to get to the meeting and there was still 45mins travelling between where I was and where I had to be. 

Got there eventually, and on time. 

The jar is replenished, all is well,
at 6.12pm
Several more hours were taken up with meetings and discussions about the next semester, matters to hand, things to do...never a dull moment really. So it shouldn't surprise that at 6.12pm, I was still at the desk working away. The coffee is about two hours old, but on days like this, no-one is complaining about a cold coffee. 

On days of constant work like this too, one comes to value the twitter feed, to keep up snatches of information and news as the day proceeds, but even then, sometimes one doesn't get to read it as often as one might wish. Some days in the office can just whisk by...with not a lot of time to keep up-to-date and informed. 

Colleagues were, however, very pleased to see the return of the freddos (or their temporary substitute at least...the office is too hot for the freddos to survive at this stage...). 

The blog too, is now up to date. A milestone to measure. 

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