Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 15: A day in the library

Day 15: (20 Dec) The plan was always to head the main national library today. Given that I'm here in Tokyo during a key holiday period it was always going to be tricky getting to the library on the available days. I had to make the most of the available days. 

A few reflections on the day. 
I was up at 6.12am (local time) making some notes and reflections on day one of the political commentary. (It's all coming up in the 'other' blog.) At this stage I was still due to cross to Spencer Howson @612brisbane on Friday morning for an update on the election news. The pottery in the background is my friend's artwork, a hobby in a previous time. 

After breakfast, I did head out, back into the train system and off to the library. I have to confess, the library--Kokkai Toshokan in Japanese; 'Diet' Library in its awkward English translation--is the National Library and the key library for all matters relating to the Japanese Parliament (known as the Diet, from its Prussian origins). There's a little more to come re the Library in a few days time...
Was it cheaper to buy my camera in Japan? 

On the way home, I did need to call into one of the main camera shops to get some gadgets for my camera. That's where I found myself at 6.12pm, in front the camera section.

It has been cold, again.  

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