Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 36: A belated Christmas

Day 36 (10 Jan) Back home but also time to make up for a missed Christmas (and birthday) with my mum on the Gold Coast. Readjusting to the early morning light is something, but since I'm an early riser, no probs. Radio back on 612ABC and twitter feed happening. Reverting to my Brisbane life without any seeming disruptions. 

Morning,  lorikeets and the back deck,
at 6.12am
No time for adjustment to the daily schedule. The lorikeets were at it early when I went out onto the back deck at 6.12am, and they were awaiting the birdseed. There's such a contrast with the light after three weeks in Tokyo, but more than that, as many photographers and others have noticed, there truly is a difference in the Australian light. It is lovely. 

On the Coast later in the day, we had our exchange of belated Christmas gifts and a catch up. There's also things to bring home that I left with mum, including the bonsai which has made an appearance on this blog before. It's still going and at 6.12pm, I was putting it back in its usual spot. 
The bonsai is back, 6.12pm

Part of the idea behind this blog is to see just to what extent we can be creatures of habit. Day-by-day, at particular times, do we do the same things? While I've had three weeks 'out' of my regular schedule, looking back at this point, it does surprise me just how quickly I fell into routine in Tokyo and I guess even more so, is how quickly I've returned to routine once home. I beginning to wonder if the routine mundanity of the blog will sustain readers for the next 330 days...? But, I guess, therein lies the quest.

The weather remains dry and hot. It's always a challenge to put away winter clothes in 40 degree heat...

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