Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 38: Beat the heat...

Day 38 (12 Jan) ...see a movie.  We're in a bit of a heatwave today. I'm not complaining: it's summer and I'm a December/summer baby so the heat doesn't bother me too much. All my good intentions of  cleaning, grocery shopping, washing etc, are being challenged from early on however. In fact, somewhat surprisingly, I've found myself woken by the alarm at 6.10. That's unusual for me, that alarm is set as a reminder, not one to wake me up. 

6.12am, out the window (again)
So I guess at some level, the travelling has caught up with me. Who thought I'd be repeating the Japan 6.12am routine back home so soon. But, here we are, 6.12am and looking out the window of the bedroom. It is lighter I suppose. Still, I don't lie around for too long, too much to do...apparently. 

So it's back to Saturday routines--newspapers, breakfast, newspapers. Soon enough, it will be clarinet rehearsal, so make the most of leisurely starts. The weekend papers should give me a chance to catch up on the last few weeks news and views. Still, in the interests of routine, we've also been thinking movies's a bit cooler there. Quite a few to catch up on too. The Jackman-inspired Les Mis rates, so does Hitchcock mainly because of Helen Mirren. But it's one from out wide that wins the day, Quartet. I hadn't heard about it but given its musical theme, thought it might be OK. Turns out to be a charming choice but on days like this, it is hard to tell whether it is the popularity of the movie or the heat outside filling up the cinema. It's quite some time since I've seen this cinema this full. 

Sun behind the clouds, 6.12pm
A quick cuppa (or maybe ice cream) and it's home for the evening. Clouds block out the sunset just as I pull into the driveway at 6.12pm. I do believe I shall continue with the writing this evening. I'm quite enjoying this. 

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