Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 44: A touch of the self-referential...

Day 44 (18 Jan) It is a truth universally acknowledged by academics almost everywhere (with due apologies) that the best place to get some writing and reading done is ... not in the office, but work at home. The plan from this morning was to do just that. I've much to write--from preparing the forthcoming seminar presentations, to reflections on Japanese politics for publication, updating the blog and so on. 

Coffee, double shot, 6.12am
It is a truth universally misunderstood too that academics working at home are having a day off. It's also a time to discover just how many telemarketers call in a day. The days I intend to work at home I treat just as any other work day, just without the 200km return trip. I also knew today that I had much I wished to accomplish (and, I can say, I have managed to do quite a bit). Although I was up late-ish and woke up in the middle of the night with ideas, I still managed to get up in time to start the day. 

By the time 6.12am rolled around, I was making coffee, having already fed the lorikeets, watered the bonsai and checked usual activities, apparently. Ah, the bike riding...yes that's coming. I won't fudge that, even though today's been the day for lying cyclists...

I'm always pleased to get a good day of reading and writing in. I've spent a bit of time on this blog admittedly, but that matters too, especially the Japan stories. It's been hot here today, but not as hot as Sydney which hit record highs with 46 degree temperatures around 3.00pm. The news has already been reported in Japan (which I have dutifully retweeted).

KitKats: the Kyoto series
This evening should be a night with the cricket at the Gabba, but in an almost record low score, Australia managed to get out very quickly and Sri Lanka has wrapped up the match already, as I write. 

Today was also the much anticipated interview with a cyclist and a US talk-show host...has captured twitter and the news this afternoon. I'm fairly old-school when it comes to sport so I don't have time for drug cheats nor 'woe-is-me' stories. Pfft. 

The nation remains on high alert with bushfires in NSW particularly. Queensland politics continues on its merry way, further retrenchments across the health sector today, happening in the background as I write. 

When I'm working at home I try to have time for the usual civil pleasantries and managed some morning tea...but not just anything. I was taste-testing some of the KitKats purchased in Japan. This time the 'Kyoto series' tea and cinnamon 'biscuit' flavoured ones. I must do this of course to better inform my students of the import of Japanese popular culture...hehe. 

twelvepastsix, at 6.12pm, oops.
It still feels like summer outside, there was (briefly) cricket on the radio, the cicadas are chirping. It always feels strange to be back working at this time of the year. I was just finishing up some writing and looking forward to the beer and pizza night... that's not far away. At 6.12pm then, I was indeed reviewing some work, this blog in fact, which all seems a little too self-referential for me. But then, it's been a bit of a day for that. Bring on the pepperoni!

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