Friday, 25 January 2013

Fifty days in: is it all so predictable?

Fifty days in, one hundred moments captured...

Thought I might take a moment to pause and reflect on what twelvepastsix has done until now. If we recall its purpose is to capture a moment each day, then given the moments (6.12am/pm), there is a surprisingly 'complex sameness' about things, whether at home, work, or in Japan. 

I didn't expect to capture two photos each and every day at the beginning, nice if I could, I thought, but I have managed to do so until now. Can I keep doing it for the next 315 days? 

Anyway, a bit of a breakdown of activities so far (there's some doubling up): 

Breakfast/coffee: 5
Cruising at 612, so far...
Making breakfast/lunch: 6
Reading yesterday's paper: 5
Reading today's paper: 0
Just reading: 4
iDevicing/TV: 8                                                              
Garden: 2
Feeding the lorikeets: 3
Being kept in the dark: 6
Wake up call: 1
Sunrises: 6
Washing: 3
On my bike (almost): 2
On a plane: 2
612ABC Studio 400: 1

Dinner: 6
Office: 6
Reading: 3
Reading today's paper: 1
iDevicing/TV: 7
Housework: 3
Garden: 2
Sunsets: 3
Commuting: 10 (trains, planes, buses, cars)
Shops: 5
Just passing through...: 4

Well, the commuting number is a bit of a surprise, I don't feel like I spend that much time doing that, but then, 200m return each work day, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. Too much time in the office clearly but reading...that's what I do. 

To the next fifty days...

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