Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 52: The wettest 100 hours or so

Day 52 (26 Jan) Today is Australia Day. It is a day celebrated, commemorated, excoriated, debated... It recognises white settlement in Australia (well, Sydney Harbour) and has truly become a day of national debate and discussion. Australian of the Year (Ita Buttrose) settles into day one of civic duties and we read again of the men and women who received Australia Day honours, in the usual and approximate ratio of about 4:1. 

It has also been very wet here in Brisbane and the greater SE Queensland region. There have been several tornadoes north of here, the usual flood alerts and advisories, and sterling work by all the emergency services and media people.

There's the #hottest100 on TripleJ, the women's final in the Australian Open and one of the pretend cricket games. When we played that version as kids, it was called hit and giggle; now it's in a 20 over format and blokes get paid ridiculous amount of money. 

Anyway, a rainy day, it was the sort of stay-at-home day that can be good for...not much really. Catch up on reading, think about rearranging the study, realise that you really need to go out and get some emergency some time. 

But today was also an interesting day as far as unanticipated outcomes for this little ongoing experiment. I actually captured two moments taken 12 hours apart (although I did do a few things in between). Can you spot the difference (apart from the angle, and the venetian blind)? 

                    The rain, at 6.12am
The rain, at 6.12pm

The am shot I took when I got up and went to look outside to see the extent of the rain. The pm shot was taken from the same spot, because I happened to be getting ready to go out to the shops (for those emergency supplies). 

As an amateur photographer, the light has always intrigued me, and on a fine, sunny day, there would be a marked difference in the light across the 12 hours. I've not paid that much attention to the light on a rainy day...the 12 hour difference here has taught me much about light and the camera lens today. Intriguing. 

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