Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 46: Grateful for a 'mundane life'

Day 46 (20 Jan) It's another Sunday and another warm one. Having plans for the day, it was important to be up and at it by 6.12am. Yes, the washing awaits (as does the mowing apparently) and so it was that I was heading to the clothesline then. 

Sunday, washing day, at 6.12am
I have decided since last night that the bike riding shall occur prior to 6.00am each morning lest this exercise turns into approximately 320 photos of life atop an exercise bike. That might prove the point about creature of habit though. The riding starts tomorrow. 

A large chunk of the day was going to be set aside for a three hour unusual Sunday for me. Still, Les Miserables is down as a must-see. I've played selections of the music quite a lot in various bands and orchestras, just not sure what I will make of Russell Crowe...

...and...back. Wasn't expecting singing Crowe nor Jackman for that matter...must get back to that Japanese article from earlier in the month.  The music was quite stirring, especially 'Can you hear the people sing', that generally gets a rousing reception when we play it. 

Pegs against a setting sun, at 6.12pm
Home and now the clothes had to come off the line. Well, that would appear to be a rather mundane day 6.12am to 6.12pm. In the middle though a movie, lunch with friends, conversing with the twitterverse and more reading for work. A bit of writing tonight too perhaps. 

I'm also preparing an application for a library fellowship so I can get some time to do some research. Yes, I know, that's supposed to be part of my day job, but we're actually expected to apply for such things...not sure how 'seeking to understand the socio-political conditions of 1890s Queensland' will go. 

There are some sketchy reports currently coming through regarding the killing of hostages in saddens me as an International Relations specialist that this continues to happen. It's like being a doctor with no suitable cure confronting a patient. We do our best and yet the world still fails us. 

The one-day cricket match has been called off, the tennis continues and Brisbane awaits the rain. Hardly 'miserables' in the larger scheme of life...for some things--a mundane life--we should be grateful. 

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