Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 27: Every new year starts...@6.12

Day 27 (1 Jan) New Year's Day, at 7.12am because the 6.12 version was still huddled under the futon in the dark. Nobody gets up early on these days, anywhere. 

Was awoken today by the sound of two choppers circling in the sky (no one-hand clapping jokes please). Usually a sign that something must have been going on nearby but I couldn't find anything in the news. My friends didn't hear anything so thought I was a bit paranoid, bit like the nights we've had very mild earth tremors...I feel them but I don't worry too much about them. Our house is not far from one of the Self-Defence Forces training areas so we figured it had something to do with that. 

Reading, writing and
thinking, 7.12am to
the sounds of chopper blades
One is much more aware of the Self-Defence Force presence these days...but that is stuff of the book. Still, it is interesting to think that I've been so relatively close to it for all these years, even before it became the subject of my research. 

Anyway, unable to get back to sleep (and still kind of excited by the idea of a new year), I continued writing some reflections on the state of politics here in Japan. Looking out the bedroom window, I've opened the shutter...

By the time the rest of the household got up, it was time to start thinking about the main meal of the day, actually the centrepiece for the next few days. 

As I noted in yesterday's post, the next few days is all about the food really. So, we got started on breakfast...lunch and dinner. 

Osetchi ryori at our place 1/1/13
And while it is 2013, there is also the imperial calendar used by the Japanese to recognise the reign of the Emperor. This year is Heisei 25, the 25th year of the reign of the present Emperor. I was actually in Japan when his father, the Showa Emperor (Hirohito) died in January 1989. It was a most interesting time. And yet another reminder of how long I've been associated with this country. 

Pre-dinner beer, at 6.12pm
So, after having the first attempt at the new year's meal, it was time to turn to the TV for the traditional new year's sports programs. And, of course, at 6.12pm, what else was there to do but get ready for the next round with the food...and yes, that's a 'caramel and brown' beer...somewhere between a lager and a stout...we think. 

The pleasant weather persisted during the day, which was just as well for day two of the new year is...(see tomorrow's post)...

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