Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 172: Last day at South Bank

My #612bluesky, at the bus stop

Day 172 (27 May) Monday. Last day today at South Bank, last teaching week of the semester. 

It was a lovely start to the working week. At 6.12am the sun was just making it through the trees. There was still some washing on the clothes airer after yesterday, back from the concert just a little too late to sort them out. Beautiful blue sky and so a couple of #612bluesky-type shots made it onto the deck as well. 

The morning, at 6.12am
I don't recall when the habit began but the last week of lectures seems to be the one where we the lecturers are supposed to give the students a run down of what to expect in the lecture. In the course I've been teaching on behalf of a colleague, that seems to be a lot of detail. More than I am comfortable to convey. Still, it is what I do. 

It has been a great pleasure to teach at South Bank this semester. That's not just because of the shorter commute, but the class has been very good. Lovely to have students say they've enjoyed the classes...on the end of the day. 
South Bank

So I get to take one last walk through South Bank as a 'worker' too. I'm usually there for various cultural activities but rarely work. The bougainvillea arbour has actually worked after all these years. I remember being one of the sceptical ones at the time but with today's blue sky and warm sun, it has made a picture worth taking. Thanks for the memory. 

...which is the theme for the night. I have another rehearsal tonight, to fine tune for next Sunday's big 40th Anniversary Concert. I also have the responsibility of doing up seven life member certificates for members of the Orchestra who have played with us for more than 30 years. I have to give them some thought...

Work, at 6.12pm
Home a bit early so I have some time to read through the papers for Academic Board tomorrow morning. I've been asked to speak to a paper on teaching-focussed positions at universities. Well, asked because I happened to mention at the last Academic Board that I thought this was a paper we should address...'that'll learn me' as they say. 

Good rehearsal. We're going to be recorded by 4MBS, it's a big concert. 

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