Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 194: Fog, all day

Day 194 (18 Jun) Tuesday. It doesn't happen often but when it does...

I'm double-booked. I have the debate here in Canberra and a university council meeting this evening, at Sippy Downs. I need to be at both. Following an early morning caucus which runs a bit late, I head out to the airport catch my flight to Brisbane via Sydney, in order to get to Sippy Downs in time for the 5pm start...that's if everything goes to schedule. 

A darkly start, at 6.12am
Of course it doesn't. I get to the airport which is fogged in. No flights have landed which means all outbound flights will be late...but how late? Nobody is really sure. So I now sit at the airport, annoyed I am missing a key debate and will probably now be late for the Sippy Downs meeting, it is a real 'rock and a hard place' moment. Sigh.

The flight to Sydney eventually takes off and I am running to the gate in Sydney and being paged for the very first time. Too late for my baggage to make the transfer so I have to arrange to collect it from Brisbane Airport on my return home. The traffic northwards is in major delay, I make it to Sippy Downs by 5.30 but the meeting finishes at 6.15 rather than its usual 7pm. A text informs me that the vote in Canberra didn't go the way I would have voted either, luckily there wasn't just one vote in it. I reflect on the irony had my vote been "the" one...the balance of power indeed. 

Meeting. at 6.12pm
What a fog of a day. 

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