Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 201: Knit one, purl one...we're all knitters today

Day 201 (25 Jun) Tuesday. It's rather cold this morning. When I get up, it's more marking ahead. I should drive up the highway...but there is sun on the verandah. The verandah wins. 

The day begins, at 6.12pm
The decision also means watching the sunrise from the usual weekend position, there's actually some really soft palette oranges and blue hues in the dawn sky that the camera doesn't quite capture at 6.12am. 
The PM's knitting here,
somewhere, ABC Foyer, 2012

But today news, or twitter, just goes quite odd vis-a-vis the Prime Minister. Seems there is a Women's Weekly spread including the PM knitting. Now, we know she's a knitter (she knitted a part of 612's Kelly Higgins-Devine's scarf last year after all-->>) but this has all the hallmarks of a bit of a staged photo. The discourse that has arisen is unfortunate. I think there is nothing wrong with the PM showing this side; but the mainstream media has not taken to it kindly, nor have her detractors, and I guess now is not the time to try some media strategy of this type. 

A bit of #612bluesky
marking time
Pressure remains on Kevin Rudd to challenge, if he wants the job, although he insists on being drafted...wrong strategy too.  And late breaking news was that he was headed to China to speak at a conference...challenge off, for now. These two really do need the advantage of years of experience behind them as parliamentarians, not the mere 15 years or so since they entered parliament...their naivety is showing, and it is also derailing our polity. I feel a psephy's~ology post coming on. 

Too much focus, at 6.12pm
As a break from the marking, I've headed to the shops to purchase card for the Ekka photos. With everything else going on, I've really been subliminally worried that the mat board and foam mount for the Ekka entries are just a whisker over the mandatory 4mm, about 4.2mm. It's a bit of a bus ride, a bit of fresh air. Ah, the things that occupy our minds...it's just a hobby after all. 

Back to the marking. 

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