Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 196: (+ Alpha) Live in #studio420

Day 196 (20 Jun) Thursday evening in the studio.

Just another plus alpha post. So much fun was had by all looking on as Rebecca presented her show: Jamie Callister, the grandson of Cyril Percy Callister, the man who invented Vegemite, #EattheWeek including Professor Roly Sussex, Kat Feeney, and Alice Gorman, Jenny Woodward, David Curnow, Daniel Viles, Spencer Howson and live was a fun two hours, hope the pics convey some of that fun...

with David Curnow

Eating the week

Jenny Woodward

Up close(r)

Lachie gives us the rundown


Jamie Callister


Daniel Viles and Spencer's 'ding'


About Breakfast...

Hmm, what does it look like from this side?

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