Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 184: Photos, books and plays...

Day 184 (8 Jun) Saturday. Today is a play day. An ambitious project by QTC this time...mixed reviews thusfar. But before that...

Dawn light, at 6.12am
Yes, another pic at 6.12am of the dawn light. The pic doesn't actually do the colour justice I'm afraid, the orange/pink on the horizon was quite stunning. I also noticed that winter has taken over the own little piece of autumn in an otherwise sub-tropical climate. The watering balance will be important for a while now--not too little, not too much.  

The bonsai hibernates
I don't have clarinet rehearsal today which means time to do a few chores before the play. The Lifeline Bookfest is on too, though I still have nightmares of previous experiences where crowds were wild, books were snatched from one's grasp...not sure I'll be brave enough to go. Today I also need to get to a framer to consult on the mat boards for The Ekka photos...this is the bit I'm not sure about...The Ekka rules are both specific and vague at the same time. After some discussion, I'm sent away to order online because it is cheaper and yet I'm not sure that works terribly well. Anyway, I will do my best. People in the shop like the one I really want to submit, but they also like one of the ones I was planning to eliminate...oh dear. 

In the end, there is sufficiently awkward in-between-time to perhaps drop in briefly to check out the Bookfest...perhaps just the politics section. I've caught the bus into the city so I can't take too many home with me, can I. Can I? The crowd is not too bad and there is just enough time to look at the politics section and...yes, sucked in by the town crier fellow wandering around, a 1925 traveller's guide to Japan. It has some historical value.

Books on Japan, at 6.12pm
I spent a little more time there than planned. I actually have to do a dash across the road to the Playhouse for the QTC's all-indigenous production of Brecht's Mother Courage. It's a little bit longer than the usual offerings but I liked the ambition and the interpretation. There was a certain style about it and I'm glad I saw it. And good on QTC and Wesley Enoch for presenting these plays for us. 

No concert tonight but there is the Bolshoi Ballet tomorrow, a Shostakovich work with which I'm not familiar, The Bright Spring...I'm looking forward to it, ballet is something I've come to later in life. I might try for an early night...for the novelty effect. 

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