Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 181: SoO...state against state, mate against mate etc.

Day 181 (5 June) Wednesday. Early start. We need to meet and greet the first group of students at 9.15am. These sessions today (and tomorrow) will take up about four hours. 

But I'm afraid, for you dear reader, come 6.12am at the moment I'm still quite taken by the branches and the dawn. I might have to do a side-by-side comparison at some point but there is some photographic interest here for me. I actually find myself stepping outside to look at the light, the sky, the contrast at 6.12am. 

Today is also the the first match in the annual state of origin football series between Queensland and New South Wales. I'm Sydney-born but pretty much a Queenslander now (as much as Queensland-born Queenslanders allow you to be). Of course, I'll be at work when the match is on so maybe I'll stream it, maybe I'll listen on the radio. I've never actually been to a game live, I try to avoid that. I tend to be a jinx on the team I'm following. I can't remember the last time my team won when I attended the match. Still, it's is who 'we' are. (State of Origin is always a good example in the discussion about abolishing the states which inevitably comes up in politics.) One always consciously dresses in the right colours today. 
Across my disciplines,
at 6.12pm

Few of us understand why the University seeks to have these high school visit days in the week between end of classes and exams starting. For one thing, most academics welcome the brief pause in the usual frenetic pace and there is always much marking to be completed in this week, if the students are to get their assignments back before exams. But, onward and upward, for the University. 

Not surprisingly, I'm still in the office at 6.12pm. I'm finalising the detail on next week's language workshops and thinking about the course outlines for next semester which are now about...a fair bit overdue. Truly, there is a limit to what can be done. 

Driving home, the dying moments of the game and NSW looks to be on a winner though it appears an ugly punch-up will dominate the news. Tonight's game is played in Sydney, the next one will be at Lang Park; the third (and deciding match, I declare) will be in Sydney...will we get beyond the seven-year run? Yes. Gotta love the state...

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