Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 195: Catch-up and cut out

Day 195 (19 Jun) Wednesday. Two day away from the office means a return to base. I would have stayed on last night but for the need to get back to the airport to collect my delayed luggage. 

Lunch, at 6.12am
At 6.12am, I am preparing lunch for work and getting ready to head out the door. Fruit. I've not eaten enough fruit these last few days. This looks like lunch. 
Work, at 6.12pm

At work, there is much to do besides my marking and catch up. A number of staff and students need to see me about various issues and I have a supplementary exam to supervise. I file some grades for one of our subjects with a colleague and basically just seem to spend all my time in the office. 

That's where I was at 6.12pm. Multitasking. On the phone, reading emails, checking the news for the latest on the 'leadership' confection...a colleague and I opt for dinner at the local's been that sort of day. 

Didn't make the cut
While I was away, my Ekka competition label exciting! There seems to have been a bit of a mix-up since there is just one, not four. A bit of an email exchange over the last day or so seems to have clarified things. Just when I thought I had to whittle the six to four to ONE, it seems we are back to entering four. That means decisions must be made in order to sort out the labels...the two that didn't make the cut? That would be these two to our left...the four that did? Well, we'll keep you posted...

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