Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 182: About halfway...

Day 182 (6 Jun) Thursday, Queensland Day. This is the day, in 1859, that Queensland became Queensland. Some say it should be a public holiday. Probably should. Perhaps when we win ten in a row....

More ink-like lines, at 6.12am
But, there is another day of children's entertainment high school visits to do so that's another early start. Well, no earlier than other days really. And yes, I'm still taken by the dawn light. Here's another in a series at 6.12am. But as I take the shot I notice to my left that the friendly possums have discovered ways to raid the bird seed; not content with stripping my attempts at growing fresh herbs, they've come after the birds' food. 
Possums, around 6.12am

My colleague and I swap roles today with the students. Yesterday, she ran the classes, today is my turn. It is an interesting mix: those who are learning Japanese, those who haven't and those who have but don't now. It's improvisation really, trying to cater appropriately for all the different levels, the different expectations. The attitude of high school students really is quite different from years ago...very hard to get their attention for very long. 

Most of my colleagues are feeling a little worse for wear after the two days. We opted to teach at university for various reasons and for many that was because we didn't have the desire to teach at primary or secondary level...and a strong desire to research things. Once the show is over it's back to work. 
Homeward bound, at 6.12pm

As expected, the conversation today is dominated by talk of last night's Origin. As I leave the office, the uni football teams are training (I'm leaving a bit early because I've car-pooled today with a colleague) and the eating and the light makes a bit of a picture as I walk past it at 6.12pm. The day is done at work, but there is work to do when I get home. Essays to mark, texts to read. I've got another piece to write for The Conversation too. Oh, and it is back to work tomorrow for a TV interview...why aren't young people engaging in is an interesting question. 

Depending on how we calculate these things, it would appear sometime between this blog and the next, I will have reached the halfway point of this exercise...182 and a half days into #project365.

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