Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 191: The four notes of 'Pathetique'

Day 191 (15 Jun) Saturday. Music day...clarinets in the morning and one of my favourite Tchaikovsky symphonies tonight but before that...

The lines of the blinds and the 6.12am light make for some interesting patterns across the window. I've actually got a bit of music to sort before I go to rehearsal so I should get up. In the 12 years or so the group has been together we've developed quite a repertoire and sometimes there is just a little too much in the main playing folder. 

Light, at 6.12am
I have some preparation for a three day conference coming up in Canberra tomorrow, I'll be speaking on Monday about the Senate balance of power politics. I'm also reading a colleague's draft of the few nice collegial elements of my job that remains, the sharing and discussing of ideas. We're losing that in the pressures of the workplace.

I've still had a little bit of running around to do too with the Ekka comp photos, just making sure everything is 'just right'. 

Dinner, at 6.12pm
Time to head in for the concert and at 6.12pm we've just settled down to have dinner before the concert, downstairs in one of the cafes. Tchaikovsky's Pathetique is one of my favourites, mainly because I love hearing the four notes played by the bass clarinet in the first movement (originally scored for the bassoon, but we bassists are grateful for any notes that come our way). It has a lot of stand out piccolo as well, which tonight has its own meaning. The other pieces are two of Ravel's great piano concertos, including the one for left hand...yes, played with only the left hand. It is a beautiful and poignant piece and tonight's soloist, Sergio Tiempo knows just how to do it. Oddly, during the interval, I receive an email from a long ago friend and colleague of Chas's who has just read my blog. Timing. Musicians. 

Home to get ready for an early morning flight to Canberra. Right in the thick of the ongoing leadership speculation in the Labor Party. From a human nature perspective, I'm fascinated. I'm looking forward to Canberra again. 

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