Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 185: The Bolshoi...and the bolshie

Day 185 (9 Jun) Sunday. Months and months ago, we bought tickets to see the Bolshoi Ballet...yes, the Bolshoi, here in Brisbane. How could you not? And the day has arrived. Reviews have been good and although it is not brilliant weather outside, it promises to be an experience I guess. 

No washing today, at 6.12am
At 6.12am, I do happen to be up to check the although this pic looks just like all the others for 6.12am this week, it actually has a purpose; can I get the washing done today? I decide the weather looks too ominous. It can wait, tomorrow is a holiday. 

I'm off to catch up with Jen this morning, Chas's wife. There are some papers to certify (I'm a JP)...all that stuff that comes with dealing with the passing of someone. There's been some pretty awful stories coming out of Wesley Hospital this week too regarding the discovery of Legionella's bacteria. The Wesley is where Chas was a month ago...we try to avoid talking about what that 'might' mean...but doubts linger. Good as always to catch up with Jen and the family. 

Souvenired from the Bolshoi, at 6.12pm
I head home and head into town for the ballet. I squeeze a couple of work-related things in between, including reading up on the material I will be presenting in Canberra in a week's time. I will need to get in touch with my co-panelist this week. 

The ballet is interesting...a bit of Shostakovich 'slapstick' along the way. I wonder how the contemporary company of dancers handles a ballet so clearly set in Shostakovich's Stalinist-Leninist era Soviet Union. It is very good. The QSO is in the pit, I'm surprised at my response when I hear the piccolo rise up into the theatre. It was the company's last performance in Brisbane so we have the opportunity to throw streamers and the tinsel and confetti falls from above. A much more fitting end to the last ballet I saw here...The Paris Opera Ballet Company where the male principal fell awkwardly and damaged his knee...we didn't get to see the end. 

I have quite a bit of writing to do tonight. I decide I have to just plunge into my post on Queensland politics. Tonight as we all go sleep, #Ruddmentum is building again, with mixed feelings...c'mon Australia, we can do so much better with our politics, seriously--no need to be bolshie.  

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