Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 183: On the other side of halfway

Day 183 (7 Jun) Friday. I agreed to the TV interview...that means another trip up the Coast. But that is after another doctor's appointment. I don't think we really get this arthritis gig. 

The actual 6.12am pic
However, this morning I am totally besotted, photographically, with this light and dark thing. So much so, dear reader, I'm afraid I took three pics this morning at ten minute intervals. 6.02am, 6.12am and 6.22am...just because...

I try to get the first appointment each time with my specialist, he tends to run late with appointments which I guess is a good thing in a way, he'd rather spend the necessary time with patients than rush through. Generally, I'm OK with that but with commitments on the SunCoast it is imperative that I get away on time. We are on time, I'm on another drug, I think I've moved into 'can't really help but let's try the next new thing' territory. Oh well, someone's got to do the guinea pig thing. Bit too soon to tell how the new stuff is going. 

The dash up the highway works but the interview is delayed a few hours. Not to worry, there's enough work to fill in the time. It is also the first time that many of us have had to catch up in the corridors and we are all talking about that. News today is the announcement of the new head of school...we're sceptical, another bloke*. (*A completely personal comment, not reflecting my place of employment...sigh.)

At work, at 6.12pm
The TV interview goes reasonably well, although when they're not live to air you do wonder how the edited version will come out. Of course, I don't have a TV and nor do I get to see SunCoast TV. Who knows. It might turn out to be a regular gig as we 'countdown' the 100 days to the election. I'd be up for that. The contest in and around the two SunCoast seats will be quite interesting for a change: Clive Palmer, Peter Slipper, Mal Brough...conservative huffing and puffing...

Oh, the general secretary of the Union rang...could I appear on a panel at next week's special council meeting in Canberra...I guess so. 

There's a fair bit of work to be done and so beer and pizza won't happen tonight. I'm still in the office at 6.12pm...on a Friday. I should be ordering pizza. Nor should it be how one commemorates the halfway point on a #project365 blog: 183 days, 366 photos chronicling my life each day at 6.12am and 6.12pm...who'd've thunk it, as they say. 

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