Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 178: Our 40th Anniversary

Happy 40th, SLO, pre-concert
Day 178 (2 Jun) Sunday. Well, there's really only one thing to focus on today, St Lucia Orchestra's 40th  Anniversary Concert at Schonell Theatre. There's some nervous but excited anticipation. We are playing as part of the 4MBS Festival of Music so we will be recorded for later broadcast as well. 

The news on NewsRadio,
at 6.12am
As I've noted in earlier posts, it is an enormous privilege to be a part of this group. Earlier this year, I did allow work to overwhelm and came close giving up. My mate Chas however, reminded me of the value of music and the value of being a part of this orchestra family. I am probably the rankest amateur in the band, but I'm still a welcome member of the group. Good thing I really only have to play the semi-breves in the back row. 

Sound check
I'm thinking of these things as I get up, at 6.12am and thinking that the Bromley boy would be joining us if he were here...well, a few of us will feel he is anyway. He always spoke highly of his time with the SLO, I do my best to continue. 

Although the concert doesn't start until 2pm, we are all required to attend an early sound check and rehearsal. It is essentially the same programme as last week's concert at Mt Mee with Leslie and Greg and with the addition of internationally renowned guitarist, Karin Schaupp. Karin made her 'debut' with the Orchestra when she was 11 years old. One of the pieces she'll be playing is that same one, a Vivaldi concerto...that's one for the strings to accompany her. We woodwinds get to sit back and listen. Her other orchestral piece is of Chas's favourites and one on his CD I play a lot. I will get through it, I convince myself. 

Behind the scenes, post-rehearsal and pre-concert, there is a lot of dressing of the stage with celebratory balloons and's our party after all. The concert is a sell-out and, for the first time in the many years we've been playing at Schonell, we'll actually have patrons sitting 'behind' us on stage...just like the choir stalls in the Concert Hall at QPAC, just like a 'proper' orchestra. Chas always reminded us to acknowledge all members of the audience, not just those out the front...and we turn each time to acknowledge those behind us. 

Cheers, at 6.12pm
It was a fabulous concert, I really enjoyed playing this one. It meant a lot to all of us. I got through Cavatina with controlled emotions as well. My playing colleagues appreciated the award certificates too, I think. I joined in 2000 at Chas's urging. It's been one of the best things I've done. As a former sports nut, I dare say, I enjoy the music 'team' in equal amounts, if not more. The camaraderie is not limited to the sports field, it melds the orchestra as well. It was there by the bucket load today. Thanks SLO, thanks Chas. I'll keep playing as long as I'm able to do so. 

Home to catching up with work that has gone by-the-by over a rather packed weekend. But first to and chips for a change. Cheers. 

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