Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 203: Towards a better workplace

Day 203 (27 Jun) Thursday. The day after. I'm still feeling a little numb from the events of the last twelve hours. I truly despair at the state of our polity: the decent and civil has given way to the harsh and vindictive. It is carrying through to workplaces generally. Today, I resolve to do something about it. 

The new day, at 6.12am
As this day dawns, I guess so many are consumed by a range of thoughts and views. Hopes revived, hopes dashed. As in football, so in politics, so in life...etc. There is much to think about in looking at the colour of the sky at 6.12am. 

> ~~~ <
The Courier Mail, the local Brisbane News Limited newspaper, spruiks parochialism. I'm not  sure that's the sort of triumphalism I endorse, as much as I love my football, much less my politics. 

At work, a number of issues have been troubling me of late in my role as a union representative. Perhaps it is the last 24 hours but something in me resolves to take up some matters directly with our vice chancellor...a ten minute meeting, but perhaps the most important ten minutes I will spend today. Decency and civility, starts with us. What's to come of it? It was the right thing to do. 

The figures, at 6.12pm
Today I should be finishing off the data input for marks, but just at the last hurdle, one of the columns will not accept my 'values'...good grief, what a metaphor for the last 24 hours. Of course, I am here working rather late but the people who control the system have long gone. Dammit, that means trying to sort it long distance tomorrow...I know that won't happen. 

There's just something a little disingenuous about Mr Rudd's humility today. 

There must be blogging over at psephy's ~ologies.

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