Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 197: A chill colder than Canberra

Vale, with apologies, Mr Jeffrey Smart
Day 197 (21 Jun) Friday. It doesn't get colder than this. Nor wetter. It's just been a wet drizzly day and I have hardly moved from my table all day. I don't think Canberra earlier this week was as cold. A different cold perhaps.

Reading, at 6.12am
Today is wet outside and so early on I decide that I can stay home and work rather than drive up the Coast to do just what I would be doing here at the kitchen table, once I've had breakfast. It has taken eating breakfast to realise that would be the best course of action so at 6.12am, I've been up for a while and catching up on some reading. 

So the day has passed getting colder and colder, I've been marking and catching up on some writing. At times I've done some reading. During the day, I have counted up to 20 lorikeets huddling on the eaves of the verandah. 

Huddling loris, much of the day
Throughout the day, I've been listening to the has hit that odd cycle where the main news is the news that people don't really want to hear about the Gillard/Rudd leadership issues and yet we keep hearing about it. It is now to the point that even commentators begin commentary by saying this is not what we want to talk about but we will talk about it...are this is going around in circles.

I'z been here,
much of the day, at 6.12pm
Look Ms Gillard, Mr Rudd. Please. Ms Gillard is our Prime Minister for now. There is but one week of parliament left before the election, should it happen on 14 September. Mr Rudd, you are my local member but I am really very tired of this behaviour. I can not countenance voting for you should this matter continue to push really serious issues to the periphery. Enough, please. 

During the day too, we have learnt of the passing of Jeffrey Smart, artist, aged 91. Back on Day 179 of this blog, I did a bit of a photographic tribute to him. He was one artist whose work inspired me very early on. A bit sad, but then, 91...

Meanwhile, at 6.12pm, as I mentioned, I have hardly moved all day, except to get cups of coffee and a cup of soup at lunchtime. 

The chill in the air can make you do that...

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